Inoar Divine Curls Finishing Gel 240ml

Inoar Divine Curls Finishing Gel 240ml


This is an amazing Finishing Gel for Curls. Gives definition and frizz free curls.

Best part is - Its water based!  So no more sticky hair. It absorbs immediately, leaving the hair frizz free and full of natural curls.

Leave it to dry naturally or with a diffuser.

BUT WAIT..... There is more.....

This amazing gel can also be used to give amazing volume when blow-drying the hair. Simply apply the gel to the roots, before blow-drying. Once heat is applied, you will have amazing volume.


Application instructions:

After removing the excess water with cloth or paper towel, apply the gel strand for strand and finish look with a hair diffuser or let it dry naturally. Or for the best volume apply it to your roots before blow-drying and apply heat to the roots for amazing volume.