Inoar Coconut Virgin Oil 200ml

Inoar Coconut Virgin Oil 200ml


The Inoar Virgin Coconut Oil brings the best of the coconut pulp to promote healthy hair, because it has great capacity of penetration and absorbtion in the wires and scalp.


Can be used for:

  • Intense Oil Treatment
  • Daily Detangler
  • Scalp Massages - Promoting scalp health, defeating Dandruff
  • Base for Hair Colouring
  • Faster Hair Growth
  • Leave in - to protect the hair from sun damage
  • Finisher/Styling balm
  • Skin Moisturiser
  • Ointment for scars




Application Instructions:

Intensive oil treament
Rub oil between hand palms and cover the hair strand by strand on dry hair. Leave it on for 20mins or overnight. After the waiting period, wash hair with Inoar Shampoo and Conditioner of your choice.

Scalp treatment
Rub oil between the palms and massage into scalp. This product can be used should any irritation or eczema occur due to colouring. Can also treat inflamed, dry scalp or as a moisturising treament.