Inoar Absolut Speed Blond Treatment Mask 250g

Inoar Absolut Speed Blond Treatment Mask 250g




Speed Blond Mask. It acts progressively in toning the hair. It instantly corrects the yellow tone in  blonde/highlighted hair. Infused with active antioxidants and Argan Oil, this product has a balanced pH.


Avoids discoloration, offering intense shine, flexibility and softness to hair.


Application instructions:

Shampoo with Speed Blond Shampoo - twice. Rinse. Towel dry.

Apply treatment mask, leave in for 15mins. Rinse.

Apply Speed Blond Conditioner, leave in for 3 mins then rine.

NB notes:

  • The Speed Blond Conditioner is the activator, and can be used as a Toner
  • Speed Blond can cause a blue tone if hair is brittle, porous or etremely damaged. Treat your hair first with the Inoar Speed Blond Mask or Inoar Moisture Mask before applying the conditioner in order to hydrate the hair and prevent the blue/purple tone.